Eat Right: 6 Food Trends You MUST Try This Week!

Eat Right: 6 Food Trends You MUST Try This Week!

The next time you go to the grocery store, do us a favor and pick up some of the latest food trends. As you might already know, every year various food experts release their list of what they think will be hot—and not—in the eating department.

When we checked out what they believe will be super popular in 2017, we won’t lie, we were intrigued. Especially when it came to the first one on the list.

We must say that we won’t knock any of these, because we did some additional research and it checks out. Test them out, then give us a shout out. Let us know what works for you and your physique and what doesn’t. We can't wait to hear if you're as excited about these trends as, understandably, the experts are.

1. Chocolate For Breakfast

We know. This already sounds a trip, but don’t shoot the messenger. We’re thinking that they don’t mean milk chocolate (it contains lots of sugar) so much as cooking with dark chocolate.

Come to think of it, that makes a lot of sense. Dark chocolate has a lot of antioxidants in it. It also contains the kind of flavonoids that help to keep your heart healthy and keep cancer at bay. The cocoa butter that’s in dark chocolate has oleic acid in it, an ingredient that can keep your cholesterol under control.

So don’t feel guilty about making yourself a dark chocolate banana smoothie or some dark chocolate pancakes every once in a while. Apparently, you’ll be doing your body some good.

2. Plant Water

What is plant water? Pretty much what it sounds like. Remember when we were all drinking coconut water (and milk)? Now the new coconut water is cactus, cucumber and other drinks that come directly from plants.

Birch water? It has xylitol in it; that helps to prevent tooth decay. Cactus water has prickly pear concentrate in it; that helps combat nausea and dry mouth (especially following a hangover). Maple water has abscisic acid in it; that’s good for helping you to combat stress. And who doesn’t need that out of their system?

3. Jackfruit

It’s kind of interesting that jackfruit has the nickname “the jack of all fruits”, when so many of us are just now hearing about it. But once you see all of its health benefits, you’ll realize that it’s a well-deserved slogan. 

Jackfruit contains vitamins, minerals and even electrolytes and protein. It fights wrinkles; clears up your complexion; increases blood circulation to the scalp; boosts your immune system; gives you more energy; improves digestion; keeps your blood pressure in check; relieves asthma; stabilizes anemia and fights colds and infections. And that’s just scratching the surface! Get some. You won’t regret it.

4. Bean Pasta

A wonderful noodle substitute is bean pasta (preferably black bean pasta). It’s high in fiber and because it digests slowly in your system, it makes you feel fuller quicker and for longer periods of time. It’s also gluten-free, easy to digest and a plant-based protein if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. Click here for some delicious black bean pasta recipes.

5. Riced Cauliflower

Cauliflower is low in calories but high on nutrition. It provides you with over 70 percent of your daily Vitamin C allowance, plus it also contains Vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, choline and Omega-3 fatty acids. Cauliflower fights inflammation, decreases the risk of brain damage and heart disease, detoxes your body, balances out your hormones and helps you to lose weight. Riced cauliflower is just one way to enjoy eating cauliflower. Click here to learn how to make it yourself.

6. Power Bowls

At the end of the day, a power bowl is how you get a ton of veggies, all packed into one meal. You can create this however you choose. It’s a great trend because you’re able to get a lot of nutrients while being able to monitor your portion control at the same time. You can go here to read some of our favorite recipes. Follow them, or use them as inspiration to make your own. You’ll be good to go either way!

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