Here Are The Latest Parenting Trends You Should Definitely Try!

Here Are The Latest Parenting Trends You Should Definitely Try!

Before you became a mom, when the word “trend” came to mind, you probably thought about clothes and shoes. Wow! How times have changed. Since you have a little one in tow these days, you’re now wondering about popular ways to decorate your child’s room, things they can play with and what you should do to help with their growth and development. What are those current trends?

Guess what? There actually are some. All of them are interesting and more than that, a lot of fun. Not just for your baby but, quiet as it’s kept, for you too! OK. It might not be as fun as an oversized bag or a new pair of heels, but…we think they're all pretty awesome as parenting trends go.

1. Wooden Nurseries

As far as nursery décor goes, what you’re going to see a lot of this year are things made of wood. Not only the crib and rocking chair, but changing table and even the art that’s on the wall. Whether you want to go all out on the wooden tip, or you just want to try a few accessories here and there, how about hanging some wooden letters on the wall? Wouldn't that be cute? Click here to design some of your own.

2. Homemade Popsicles

Snacks? More parents are getting away from the super sugary stuff (good thing too!). Instead, they are looking for foods that are healthy, but still a lot of fun. One of those are homemade popsicles, especially if they are made with fresh fruit instead of fruit juice. Click here for some of our favorite recipes.

3. “Old-Fashioned” Toys

If you’re in the habit of sitting your kids in front of a television for more than an hour a day, it might surprise you how much that can affect their health over time. Studies reveal that kids who watch more than four hours a day are more likely to be overweight and become more aggressive. For this and more reasons, experts think it’s best that babies under 18 months don’t get in any screen time at all. What’s the alternative? Old-fashioned toys like puzzles, board games and blocks. It helps to increase their cognitive skills and gives them a break from looking at so many screens. There’ll be PLENTY of time for that…later.

4. Finger Puppets

Finger puppets made the trends list?! Yep. This also helps young children develop their cognitive skills. And, according to Pinterest, their popularity has shot up over 70 percent in the past several months. If you’ve never made one, you can get some step-by-step instructions here.

5. Teaching Spanish

There are countless reasons why you should consider raising your kids to be bilingual. For starters, it makes them more effective communicators, helps them to connect better with student of other cultures, makes them more viable candidates for college and careers later in life and helps them to enjoy international travel more. Spanish is a practical language to learn. And remember, kids are able to learn and retain much quicker than we are. Consider Spanish first, but keep in mind that French, German and even sign language are also popular (and needed) languages to teach them. Learn more at Bilingual Kids Rock.

6. Family Road Trips

Quality time with your children is important. Sometime this year, plan a family road trip. Rent a car (or SUV or van) and hit the open road. The traveling time alone will help you to grow closer as you talk, play games and listen to music. If you’ve never gone on a road trip before, click here for some survival tips to get you started. Have fun!

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