The Vaginal Bounce Back: 6 Things You Need to Do After Having a Baby

The Vaginal Bounce Back: 6 Things You Need to Do After Having a Baby

Even though you’ve been holding your baby in your arms for a good minute now, sometimes you still have moments that leave you in complete and total shock. That sudden re-realization that yes, you have a baby. More than that, you were able to push an entire human being out of your vagina. YOUR. VAGINA.

Between the stitches, Sitz baths, ice packs and everything else that you’ve been trying to do to heal your vagina, there has been that question in the back of your mind: will it ever go back to its original size again? EVER?!

For the most part, yes. You just need some time and patience. And just so you know, having a baby isn’t the only way a vagina can lose its elasticity. There are many women with this issue who haven’t had kids; they just don’t talk about it (click here for other causes that can lead to it).

Anyway, if you’re more than ready for your vagina to “bounce back”, try these following tips. Give it a couple of months and be consistent. You should see---and he should feel---some results soon.

1. Do Some Kegels

When you’re trying to get your vagina back in shape, doing kegels is an absolute must! Birthing a baby can weaken your pelvic floor; it can stretch it all out of shape too. When that happens, it’s also pretty common for you to have problems holding in urine. Kegel exercises are basically about strengthening the same muscles that you use to hold your urine. The stronger those muscles get, the more your vagina will get back to its original size (or really close to it). Click here for examples of kegels you should try.

2. Do Some Squats Too

If you enjoy working out, don’t forget to do some squats. Yes, they will make your butt and thighs look amazing, but they’re another great way to strengthen your pelvic floor too. Click here to read more.

3. Sign Up For A Yoga Class

A form of exercise that will tighten up your vagina and also make sex so much better is to take a yoga class. One position in particular that will get you some pretty powerful results is called the Mula Bandha. Although you could Google this to learn how to do it, we recommend learning from a certified yoga instructor, just to make sure you’re doing it exactly right. You can get the gist of it, though, by clicking here.

4. “Feed Your Pelvis”

Diet is everything, it even helps when you want your vagina to get back on track. For your walls to get tighter over time, eat foods that contain natural estrogen in them. Some of those include flaxseed, dried fruit, peas, tofu and bran cereal.

5. Experiment With A Yoni Egg Or Vaginal Cones

What is a Yoni Egg? It’s a small egg that you insert into your vagina to strengthen it. And vaginal cones? It looks a lot like a tampon, only it has weights attached to it. You put both of these inside of you, hold for a count of five and then release the egg or cone. For the quickest results, do this about five times a day.

6. Have Lots More Sex

As your hormones are balancing themselves back out, you might not always feel like having sex. But if you want to get that vagina back to where you want it to be, there’s no way around the fact that you gotta let it do what it do. When you’re in the process of having sex, your pelvic muscles start to increase in tension (a good thing). When you orgasm, that tension is released (even better). The more you do that, the stronger your pelvic floor becomes. 

So yeah, you’ve got to have more sex sessions if you want to get on the road to a vagina that is tight ‘n right. Be patient with the process. With enough effort---and orgasms---you’ll be back to feeling like your old self again!

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