Want A Successful Man? Pay Attention To These Grooming Habits!

Want A Successful Man? Pay Attention To These Grooming Habits!

Last fall, Complex posted an article about grooming deal breakers for women (click here to read it). What some women shared, we agreed with 100 percent. For instance, one said “My rule is that I prefer 5%, not 105% body hair.” And another? She said “the worst one has to be overly symmetrical eyebrows. Nothing looks weirder than when his brows are more on point than mine.” One more: “This isn’t so much a grooming habit, but it definitely relates to grooming. An absolute deal breaker for me is a dirty bathroom.”

Yes, yes and yes. But we thought we’d take this convo a step further and not only think about grooming problems, but provide the upswing the issue.

If one thing you’ve decided you want this year is a relationship with a man who is good, including good at succeeding in life (i.e., has goals and ambitions and offers signs that he’s pursuing them), here are some of the grooming habits that you must look out for. Starting from Day One.

1. Great Smile

A perfectly straight set of gleaming whites will make you melt on (eye) contact. But not everyone’s going to have that. Shoot, not all of us even have that. But a successful man is still going to make sure that his teeth are clean, that he flosses and that his lips are well-moisturized. With lip balms costing less than five bucks a tube, there’s no excuse for a man to not have soft-looking lips! C’mon.

2. Manicured Nails

Some men think that it’s too “metrosexual” to go to a salon to get their nails taken care of. We don’t. We’re all for a guy who likes to pamper himself by paying someone to push his cuticles back and buff his nails. Besides, is there anything more disgusting than being on a date, having a man reach over to feed you from his plate and his nails are dirty? NO. THERE ISN’T.

3. Fresh Haircut

A line. A man with a clean and sharp hairline is so appealing. We don’t know what it is, but when a man keeps his haircut on a weekly basis, he immediately looks like he’s lost a couple of pounds, his face appears more chiseled and his just seems so…put together. Whether he’s in a suit or a T-shirt and jeans, when a man has a great haircut, we’re gonna do a double-take. 

4. Crisp Beard

Whether facial hair is or isn’t naturally your favorite thing, you won’t be able to convince us that you don’t feel drawn to a man who has a well-groomed beard. It’s so masculine, strong and sexy. It also sends the message that a man puts daily care into his appearance (facial hair grows pretty fast). A good-looking beard earns major brownie points in our book!

5. Signature Scent

It doesn’t have to be expensive cologne. It can be an essential oil like cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood or others that can make a man smell divine and make him even more appealing. A man who knows that looking good includes smelling good? That’s a man who has his grooming game on point.

6. Healthy Skin

Does it matter how attractive a man is if his skin is bumpy and splotchy? Not everyone can have a flawless complexion, but a well-groomed man is going to at least look like he’s trying. Facials are not beyond a man who wants to look like a man of success. 

7. BONUS: Impeccable Tailoring

Technically tailoring is not a grooming habit, but it gets a bonus mention today. It’s one thing for a man to have a suit? But when he knows how to tailor it so that everything fits just right on his physique?! He’s going to get---and keep---our attention every single time! Someone who takes their clothes to be altered (or have them custom made) is the mark of a successful individual. Hands down.

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