#WomenWhoDraw Is A New & Amazing Site Featuring Female Illustrators!

#WomenWhoDraw Is A New & Amazing Site Featuring Female Illustrators!

We all have dreams. What’s yours? Is it to be an illustrator? If so, what are you waiting for? Don’t look at your drawings as doodling that you should keep in your notebook or filed away in a folder online. There’s no time like the present to get it out and show it off for the whole world to see!

One way to do that is by using the site Women Who Draw. What’s that? It’s a relatively new online directory that specifically highlights female illustrators. Fans of illustrators can peruse it. But even better than that, it’s a way for artists to showcase their work to magazine editors, publication directors and others who are looking for female artists with mad talent and lots of flair.

Click here to check the site out for yourself.  By the way, if you want to make this be the year when everyone gets to see your talent and what you have to offer, besides signing up on Women Who Draw, apply these tips too.

1. Develop A Signature Brand

There are all sorts of ways to get your brand up and going. A must is that you create a website to showcase your work. It’s also important to have a Facebook fan page and an Instagram page. You might want to think about creating a YouTube channel or doing a podcast where you talk about your work, how you got started and your goals (it’s a good way to inspire yourself and others). But more than anything, have a mission statement (click here for tips on how to create one) along with a clear demographic (is it women? Is it minorities? Is it college students?) that will help you to reach your target audience quicker. Learn more about how to cultivate your own brand here.

2. Take Some Online Classes

Good can ALWAYS get better. If you have no clue where you can find the time to go back to school, no worries. Remember that you can also sign up for illustration classes online. One place where you might want to get started is Skillshare. It’s cheap, it’s convenient and, once you get even more confident, you can even apply to become an instructor yourself. Very cool.

3. Follow Top Female Illustrators On Instagram

If you’re looking for some additional inspiration and a way to network, connect with some popular female illustrators. You never know. One might agree to mentor you or introduce you to someone who can take your career to the next level. Click here to read up on some of the top female illustrators in the game who are featured on Instagram right now.

4. Draw Without Stress

Creativity is not to cause you stress. It’s actually supposed to help you release some of it. Would it be cool if you could quit your day gig and do the drawing thing full-time? 100 percent and we’re totally rooting for you! In the meantime, do it for the love. Some of the best work comes as a result of creating out of passion, not just for money.

5. Travel

You expand your worldview when you travel. And the broader your perspective becomes, the better your illustrations will be. So yeah, travel. Maybe save up to take an international trip this year (or next). Go someplace that has a reputation for being extremely picturesque (like Capetown, South Africa or somewhere in Italy) and let your imagination run wild. Traveling is a great investment into your art---and into you. The artist.

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