Apparently, Bad Sex Can Be Contagious. Who Knew?

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Colds. Lice. Chicken Pox. Warts. Hepatitis A. Pinkeye. What do all of these things have in common? They’re all contagious. If you have any of these illnesses or you’re around someone who does, there’s a chance that you both could get sick.

Diseases are not the only thing that are contagious. Negativity is too. In the article “This Is What Negativity Does to Your Immune System, and It's Not Pretty”, it states that negativity and stress have the ability to alter our brain cells for the worse, not the better. When that happens, it can increase the chances of having a compromised immune system, feeling anxiety and depression and even having a shorter lifespan.

That’s why it’s important to not only be conscious of the words that you speak, but the company that you keep too.

Knowing that negativity isn’t the best for your mind, body or spirit is probably no (real) newsflash. But how surprised would you be to know that when it comes to listening to negativity from other people, it can take a toll—even on your sex life? Have you ever stopped to consider that even bad sex, to a certain degree, can be contagious too?

Although there is no exact science to support this (at least not from the online research we’ve conducted), we did recently read an article that brought up a good point. Think about the last time you were hanging out with one of your girlfriends and she started complaining about her relationship. Even if nothing was really wrong with yours, as you listened more and more to what she had to say, did it make you hone in on your own personal gripes?

Now let’s take it up a notch. Suppose she was talking about what was going on in her bedroom (because let’s not act like we don’t discuss those things with our girls)—how she wished the foreplay lasted longer, how she wanted her man was more spontaneous or how she can’t figure out for the life of her why she still doesn’t know where her “spots” are. Even if the sex between you and yours is cool, could you see how that might make you want to nitpick more than usual?

Suddenly, without even really realizing it, now you’ve got your own list of gripes. Although before talking to her, you were pretty satisfied, now you’re finding your own reasons to think that you could be having bad sex too.

On the surface, this all might seem purely speculative but really it’s not. While there may not be a ton of data on if someone talking about how bad their sex life is can directly affect—or rather infect—your own, there is plenty of info to support that spending a lot of time around negative people can lead to low self-esteem as it alters your creativity and causes you to perform poorly both personally and professionally.

Hmph. When you stop to think about it, you need all three of those things to have a great sexual experience.

What should you do when one of your friends is going on and on about how much bad sex they are having? Listen. Support. Try and offer solutions to their issues. Just make sure not to sit there and take all of that negativity in.

There’s enough contagious stuff out here to be ducking and dodging without letting negative energy creep all up into your bedroom space.

Bad sex may not be “technically” contagious but bad vibes certainly are.

Choose what you listen to. Your sex life just might depend on it!

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