Here's Why You Should Be Holding Your Partner's Hand To Strengthen Your Relationship

couple holding hands
Jeremy Wong Weddings / Unsplash

Most of us do not typically put romance and science in the same sentence. But something tells us that after you read this all the way through, that’s exactly what you’ll find yourself doing more often.

Let’s start here. When’s the last time you held your partner’s hand — for no particular reason? Maybe you were walking in the mall and you reached out for it or while sitting on the couch, you held it. How did it make you feel? Relaxed? Comforted? Safe?

Aside from the way holding the hand of someone you love makes you feel emotionally, did you know that there were all sorts of proven health benefits that come from doing it too? Holding your partner’s hand can lower your blood pressure, keep your heart healthy, make it easier to sleep at night, and because it also reduces the stress levels in your system, holding hands can promote brain health while giving you a boost of positive energy, too!

Something else that’s beneficial about hand-holding is it raises the oxytocin levels in your and your partner’s body. Oxytocin is known as “the love hormone” because when you do things like kiss, hug and yes, hold hands, it automatically helps you to bond with your partner. In short, oxytocin plays a significant role in physically helping you to strengthen your relationship.

Furthermore, according to the researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and University of Haifa, when a person is in pain and their partner holds their hand, it helps to relieve a lot of their discomfort.

How? It’s remarkable, really. What researchers have discovered is when two people in a relationship hold hands, it conveys empathy. As a result, their brain waves sync up and, as a direct result, some of the pain automatically goes away.

The process is known as "interpersonal synchronization" which is a technical way of saying that two people have the ability to psychologically mirror one another. One of the researchers in the study said that he decided to conduct it after realizing that holding his wife’s hand while she was delivering one of their child may have helped some of her pain go away.

Another interesting thing the study revealed is while two people in love can relieve some level of pain merely by being in the same room with one another, pain relief is even more significant of they hold each other’s hand. Apparently, “empathetic touch” has the ability to make someone feel understood, and that, in turn, helps take some of their physical pain away.

Wow, right? 

Now you see why we entitled this article the way that we did. If simply holding your partner’s hand can literally (and instantly) make you feel better, how could that not strengthen the relationship?

This is the kind of info you forward along — and you try out as soon as possible.

Sometimes we really don’t need a lot in life.

All we need to do is just reach out for our partner’s hand.

After all, it’s scientifically-proven.

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