Research Reveals That Hiring A Housekeeper Is Better Than Fighting Over Chores

prove of hiring a housekeeper

Who likes doing chores? Even since most of us were kids, when we got home from school and we saw the list of things that we needed to do, we usually came up with the most creative ways to postpone or get out of doing them altogether.

Fast forward to adulthood and that reality hasn’t changed much. Sure chores are a necessary evil, but that doesn’t mean we tap dance at the mere thought of doing them. We even read an article about the kind of chores that most of us hate doing the most. Can you guess what they are?

Cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning the toilet

Washing the dishes

Ironing clothes


Cleaning the windows

Cleaning the stovetop and oven




This is probably not a shocker to most of us. Shoot, probably at least half of the things on this list we could stand to do as soon as we get home tonight. But did you know that when it comes to the reasons why a lot of couples end their marriage, chores are actually on the list?

No, really. One survey revealed that 25 percent of divorced couples revealed that disagreeing over housework was one of the reasons why they decided to call it “quits”. Wow.

But if you and yours both hate cleaning the toilet, does that mean that your relationship is ultimately doomed? Not quite.

According to another study, the way to handle chore issues is not to argue over them but to consider hiring a housekeeper (or some professional cleaning service) to do the work instead. Some scholars at the Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia discovered that it makes more sense to put money towards “timesaving services” in order to avoid the arguments that can come from certain chores being overlooked rather than constantly nagging each other about getting them done.

If you’re thinking what we first thought, you might be saying to yourself “That sounds like a complete waste of money”, but the study speaks to the contrary. By choosing to see hiring a housekeeper as an investment, the house gets clean, there’s nothing to argue about (at least when it comes to household chores), that takes the pressure off of your relationship and peace is restored in the world.

On average, how much does a housekeeper cost? Somewhere around $25-35 an hour. That might sound steep at first, but if you have a two-bedroom apartment, that breaks down to less than $100 every other week.

Hey, it’s cheaper than paying for a divorce and then looking for two places where you both will still have to do chores. (Talk about putting things in their proper perspective!)

So the next time you and yours start fighting over who is going to clean out the refrigerator for the umpteenth time, remember this little read, purchase a piggy bank and save up for a housekeeper.

If hiring one is going to save your marriage and keep your house nice and neat, it certainly sounds like a win/win to us!

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