A Dating Site Exclusively For Kanye West Fans Exists & We Don't Know How To Feel

Kanye West
@kimkardashianwest via Instagram

No matter how you may feel about Mr. Kanye West, you’re bound to have at least one song that you like. Maybe it’s “Jesus Walks”. Maybe It’s “All Fall Down”. Maybe it’s “Touch the Sky”, “Power” or something off his The Life of Pablo project. He’s got quite the discography at this point. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

BUT it’s one thing to nod your head to a single or two. It’s another thing to be so enamored with the man that when you think of what your dream relationship consists of, it’s someone who’s as big of a fan—if not bigger—than you are.

Where are we going with this? For all of the people on planet earth who are so in love with Kanye that they want to find someone else who’s also in love with Kanye, there is now a dating website that’s just for them. Or if that’s you…YOU.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you YEEZYFANS.Dating. And we’re dead serious.

Apparently, a 21-year-old named Harry Dry is the brainchild behind this new dating platform. He says that he was feeling down one Friday night while listening to “Bound 2” (you know, the song that had the video with his wife Kim K riding on a motorcycle with him). He decided that since he was so enamored with the artist, it would be cool to find someone who liked Kanye as much as he did.

Dry devoted a month to build the site and, just in time for spring—and spring fever—he (kinda sorta) debuted it this month. He said that since Kanye once said (and this really does sound soooo signature Kanye West) that if you’re not a fan of him, you’re essentially not a fan of yourself, Dry wanted to find a way to bring, not only Kanye West fans together, but dreamers together too.


Even though it might sound a little cray-cray to some of us, Dry also claims that there are people who are already looking to invest in his endeavor.

We went to the site to see it for ourselves. Right now, there is just a landing page and a spot where you can submit your email address in order to receive updates. Probably the most intriguing thing about the site (right now) is the part where it says “* Taylor Swift fans are banned from this website” followed by a green snake emoji. #hilarious #shadytoo

We will say this. A lot of relationships end because of a lack of compatibility. If you love all things Kanye West and you want someone who feels the same way as you do, YEEZYFANS.Dating may be an answer to your prayers.

Here’s hoping. 

Keep us posted.

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