Intimacy Boosts: 5 Things to Do Today to Make Intimacy Better with Your Spouse

Boost Intimacy, intimacy life with your spouse
Mariah Fillmer

In 2015, Huffington Post published “The 10 Most Common Reasons People Get Divorced”. Smack dab in the middle of the list was “The intimacy disappears”. It’s another reminder that in a marriage, intimacy is not proverbial icing on the cake. It’s a staple that each spouse needs in order to feel loved, nurtured and desired.

If someone were to ask you to rank your intimacy life on a scale of 1-10 and it’s leaning towards the 5-or-less side, there are things you can do to spice things up again. It’s going to take some initiative on your part, but you know how the saying goes: Anything worth having is worth working for. This certainly applies when it comes to cultivating a stronger intimacy life with your spouse.

1. Begin the day with a smooch fest

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Kissing is not only fun to do, it also comes with several health benefits. It decreases your blood pressure, relieves headaches (and cramps), triggers “the happy hormone” known as oxytocin into your system and because it increases saliva production, it’s even great for fighting tooth decay! Plus, kissing makes you feel so much closer to your partner. You might want to brush your teeth to avoid morning breath, but try and set aside a few minutes to engage in a smooch fest. It’s a wonderful way to begin each day.

2. Eat a good breakfast

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Does your spouse ever tap you on the shoulder at night and no matter how much your heart wants to respond, your body is beat? Oftentimes, it’s because you either skipped a meal or didn’t eat the right things. Breakfast is an important meal of the day because it’s a great source of energy. If you skip it, that could tempt you to eat junk for lunch or overeat at dinner. Both things can make you feel sluggish. So, have a banana smoothie, some blueberry yogurt or a salmon omelet. All of these things have lots of nutrients, are a good source of protein and are also consider to be libido boosters!

3. Compliment them out of the blue

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Words of affirmation are something we all need, even if it isn’t our top love language (ever read that book before?) And it’s especially wonderful when we hear compliments and encouragement from the closest person to us. Don’t wait for a special occasion to tell your spouse how much you love them and more importantly) why. Great physical intimacy begins with a strong emotional attachment. Positive words help to make the connection (so much) stronger!

4. Lighten their load

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Speaking of connections, something that can put a barrier between two people is a lack of empathy. What do we mean? If you see that your spouse is tired while washing the dishes or getting the kids ready for bed, help them out. It’s a loving gesture that says “I see all that you do for this family and I appreciate it.” Yep. Foreplay can happen outside of the bedroom. Lightening your spouse’s load can make them feel loved, appreciated---and amorous.

5. Be spontaneous

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If your intimate life seems a little boring, ask yourself when’s the last time you made love in a room other than the bedroom or you thought “outside of the box” when it comes to your sex life. A lot of times couples are still really attracted to one another, but the intimacy suffers because the spontaneity is gone. Put forth the effort to surprise your spouse this week with a new approach to lovemaking and watch how it gives your intimacy---and relationship---a real boost!

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